I wish I can freeze time . . .

I’d like to go back in time,

Revisit my child self,

And remember the love,

The love my father gave.

The summer heat,

The mountain view,

My rainbow tank top,

And jean frayed shorts.

My father’s black Nike cap,

White t-shirt,

And black Nike shorts,

Oh and his white Nike shoes too.

He looks so happy,

Holding me in his arms,

I was only 4 years old,

Here in this memory.

We were at Alum Rock,

Where we hiked often,

Where we all gathered,

Had many celebrations here.

I was so carefree,

Unbothered by the world’s problems,

Unbothered by my parents worries,

Unbothered by other people’s opinions.

Young Writer & Wife. Learning how to navigate through life — one cup of coffee at a time.

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